Joico offers a wide range of hair and colour care products. They are well renowned in the hair care industry for being top of the range but also cost-effective.Joico provides high quality and safe products. Animal testing is not used to confirm the safety of their products but is assured by safely testing via patch tests with human volunteers.We use these products in our salon and have found them to be quiet amazing. The Defy Damage ProSeries helps protect and build strong hair bonds.

Herb Colours

Herb Colours is the first permanent hair colouring gel to be ammonia-free. Herb colours boast of 36 rich shades of colours that also include a range on blondes. It was developed by Antica Erboristeria, a leading European hair colour specialist with 40 years’ experience.

Since 1975, Herb Colours has evolved into a revolutionary hair product that is sold to more than 28 countries worldwide. It is manufactured in Italy and has won the consumers seal of approval.

Herb Colours provide nourishment, protection and condition your hair, and is effective for coving grey with one application. We are a certified Herb Colours distributor and incorporate it into our colouring treatments. Natural ingredients are used throughout their range and are not tested on animals.

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